Fur Free Europe

Eurogroup for Animals


To persuade over 1 million EU citizens to support the Fur Free Europe petition aiming to ban fur farms and fur products from the European market.

Signatures were collected via a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI). An ECI  is a unique way to help shape the EU by calling on the European Commission to propose new laws. Once an initiative has reached 1 million signatures, the Commission has to respond and take action.

To add to the challenge, citizens must provide personal national ID details for their vote to count.

We created a distinctive, flexible multi-media campaign brand style that people could get behind – not just the general public but supporting organisations and online influencers.

With a campaign duration of 12 months – our primary goal was to provide regular bespoke assets and content to help galvanise public votes.

The campaign itself set a record for being the most successful ECI for animal welfare, ever. A staggering 1.5+ million valid signatures were collected, surpassing the primary objective. This is most successful ECI for animals, ever. For further context, less than 10% of attempted ECI campaigns are successful in reaching the 1 million signature target.

The European Commission will now decide whether they will implement a new law to ban the fur farming trade in the EU.

– Branded campaign
– Monthly animated videos
– Animated explainer videos
– Wide range of digital social media graphics
– Digital resources/templates for 80 organisations

– 🥇 UK Agency Awards: Gold Award
– 🥈 Global Agency Awards: Silver Award
– ⭐️ Prolific North Creative Awards: Finalist
– ⭐️ Prolific North Champions Awards: Finalist
– ✍️ The most successful ECI for animals.